Cities and Nature Conference, Haifa 2-5 October, 2011



Cities and Nature Conference will take place at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (IIT) in Haifa, Israel
Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, room 200, Sego building

  • Arriving to Technion:
    • Ben Gurion Airport is about 115 km from Haifa, with train and taxi transportation. The Technion is in Neve Sha'anan - a residential neighborhood on Mount Carmel in Haifa.
    • Taxis to Haifa (both shuttles and private) can be found close to the train station. Shuttles are cheaper but they wait until they are full before departure.
    • Train information in English can be obtained at this website(external link).
    • The train station closest to the Technion is Haifa Hof ha Carmel. Bus service from this station to the Technion is bus #11.
    • Taxi service to the Technion is available from all Haifa train stations, so another option is to come to Haifa by train and take a cab from the train station to the Technion.
    • more info from Technion site(external link)

  • If you are arriving to the Technion not during working hours, please ask at the main gate for the envelope on your name with your room key inside. If you arrive by taxi, it can stop at the main gate to retrieve the envelope and then continue to take you to the guesthouse entrance.

  • If you arrive by a car, it is necessary to obtain Technion entrance permit for the car or park it just outside the gate and continue on foot. The guesthouse is about 5 min walk from the main gate.


  • To obtain car entrance permit for the duration of the conference please contact Dani Broitman (danib <at> technion <dot> ac <dot> il) or Marina Toger (marinat <at> technion <dot> ac <dot> il) with following information: driver's name, phone number, ID or passport number, car license plate number and dates for the permit.

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